What this site is all about

The purpose of this website is to remind people of the, In 2014, Mark Begich. Not the Mark Begich that claims to put Alaska first while his record indicates the exact opposite. As a Senator, Mark Begich cast the deciding vote for Obamacare. He claims to be for resource development and says he supports ANWR but he has hosted multiple fundraisers right here in Alaska for Maria Cantwell from Washington state, the #1 opponent for the development of ANWR. In 2014, Begich ran a political ad against Dan Sullivan suggesting he was indirectly responsible for a horrific sex crime, an ad he was forced to pull. And we all remember the shameless unlawful prosecution of Ted Stevens as told in the book "Not Guilty" and Mr. Begich's sleazy attempts to push the narrative during the 2008 Senate race. As Governor of Alaska, Mr. Begich would return to his old ways of doing what Nancy Pelosi and other liberals ask him to do just like he did while our Senator. It's time to retire Mark Begich from politics once and for all.